Hoot Essential

Hoot Essential the the core of our platform. Providing all the essential tools to help you to run your group and its events online and off. If you want to take your Hoot to the next level with Extra, this is the place to start. What's more, it's free!

Rather than bombard you with loads of information, below is a breakdown of our Essential features, section-by-section.

Essential includes your very own template-based website. The address will be something like: YourGroup.hoot.cloud. This web presence will form the basis of your Hoot experience. Much of the content of the site is customisable, allowing you to effectively communicate your message to your audience. Many of our users use Hoot primarily for our event management and booking feature. This is included for FREE in Essential.
Event manager
The event manager may well be the most useful tool in the Essential kit! Not only does it allow you to list upcoming events on your website but it can handle ticket sales too! Link Hoot with a Stripe or PayPal account to take secure online payments.
What's more, Hoot will keep track of ticket sales and create printable lists (eg for ticking off attendees).
Helper management
We know all to well how hard it can be to get helpers organised for your events. Our Helper Manager lets you list the help required and advertise on your site. Volunteers can then visit the site, choose a role and signup online. Hoot will save their details and email the helper confirmation. Of course, in your secure admin area, you can then monitor and print lists, when required.
Keeping in touch with your audience is very important. Hoot can manage your contacts' email addresses and allow you to quickly and easily bulk message everyone - with minimal effort.
Agenda & minutes maker
This tool was added to Hoot following user suggestions. 2 seperate functions have been brought together to make the business of planning and documenting meetings simple. Plan the meeting items with the Agenda Maker then swiftly move these items to the Minute Maker and record the actions etc. These minutes can then be made public on your Hoot website as well as being formatted in a printable format.
FAQ & knowledgebase support
We've collated an ever-growing database of questions from other members to help you get going with Hoot. We've tried to keep everything as straight-forward as possible, but if you should come unstuck, our help section is the place to visit to get a helping hand.
Extra, extra!
Like what you see? Want to take it to the next level? Take a look at Hoot Extra , our premium product with further and enhanced features. Every Hoot membership requires you to signup to Essential first but Extra takes it to the next level.